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Our Mission

Our mission is to help make energy saving simpler, more accessible, and more cost-effective, worldwide.

We do this as a for-profit business, in it for the long term, and sustainable without charity or government funding.

There are many other organizations with similar aims, but we believe that we can (and do) provide unique value by keeping our focus on specific problems that we can tackle better than anyone else has done so far. As a small privately-owned business with a strong motivation to make a positive difference, we can focus on problems that are important but unlikely to attract the attention of larger companies with wholly profit-focused shareholders.

Problems and Solutions

Problem Solution

Before 2008 it was difficult and expensive to access accurate degree-day data, and what was available differed considerably from country to country. Degree-day data is key to all sorts of energy-data analysis, and fundamental to many energy-saving programmes.

With Degree Days.net we have made it free and easy to download accurate degree-day data for locations worldwide, and with all the options that are necessary for effective energy-data analysis. At least 5,000 energy professionals now use it on a regular basis.

Many energy-software providers were unable to incorporate accurate degree-day data into their systems, due to the difficulty and cost of getting such data and keeping it up to date for all of their customer locations.

With the commercial Degree Days.net API we have made it easy and affordable for other software systems to access high-quality degree-day data automatically and in bulk. Many of the energy software systems running today are now powered, in part, by our API.

Many businesses (and energy professionals serving those businesses) have easy access to detailed interval energy data, but are lacking either the time or expertise to make use of it for energy management.

Our Energy Lens software makes it easy to analyze interval energy data from pretty much any modern metering system, to find routine waste and track progress at reducing it.

Professional energy-efficiency advice often isn't cost-effective – the cost of a consultant's time can easily outweigh a business's energy-saving potential.

Our Energy Audit Software (when released) will enable energy professionals to deliver personalized energy-efficiency advice faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively.

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