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BizEE Software was formed in 2005 to build upon several years of software development by Sustainable Energy, a renewable energy and energy-efficiency consultancy based in the UK.

Since then we have been working hard to develop a number of different software packages and services for energy saving, the ones that we promote publicly being:

We are a small, privately-owned company, passionate about the work we are doing. We love putting our software skills to good use in energy saving, simplifying and streamlining processes that we consider to be far more complicated or time-consuming than they ought to be. Our mission statement explains this further.

"BizEE" stands for "Business Energy Efficiency", although in fact our software is equally applicable to other organizations such as schools or government bodies... And, although we generally recommend that homeowners looking to save energy start with something like a simple kilowatt monitor, our Degree Days.net website is used by a lot of enthusiastic homeowners as well as the energy professionals that we designed it for... So "Business Energy Efficiency Software" is not a perfect description of what we do, but we consider it close enough for "BizEE" to suffice.

We are based in South Wales, UK. Here is a picture of a beach near our office:

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, South Wales, UK

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